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Turning Trophies into cash

Once you’ve squeezed all the renown you can out of your trophies, you can eke a bit of cash from them too. If you buy a house and put a little money into improving the furnishings, eventually blank plaques will appear. Hang your spent trophies on these plaques, and then either immediately resell the house for more money than you spent buying and furnishing it, or rent it at a slightly higher rate. The trophies don’t usually make a huge difference in value, but they aren’t doing you any good sitting in your inventory slot.

Displaying your Trophies

You’ll earn trophies at the end of most major quests. You can also earn them by winning contests outside of quests as well. The primary use of trophies is to gain renown; if you select your trophy from the item menu while in a town, you’ll be given a set amount of time to show it to as many people as you can. If enough people see it, you’ll
receive a renown bonus (depending on the trophy) for each one who did. Several tips designed to maximize the amount of renown you earn with your trophies appear below.
  • Well-respected characters can ask any townsperson to follow them, and they’ll agree (if only this worked in real life!). Spend a few minutes finding all the people in the distant corners of town, ask them to follow you, and lead them to a central location. Then display all your trophies one by one for easy, huge renown bonuses.
  • At certain times of day, especially when day turns to night, large groups of people will gather in areas like the local tavern. Needless to say, these are the best times to display your trophies. So don’t be modest; hoist that baby high and give the groveling masses a taste of your well-gotten gains.
  • You can display each trophy as many times as you want, so don’t worry if you mess up. You’ll receive more renown, however, only if you beat your old best score for that trophy.
  • The best places to display your trophies are large, open towns with lots of people. Early in the game the Heroes’ Guild is best, but later in the game Knothole Glade is
  • easier.
  • Always start at a place with lots of people so you can earn a large time bonus right from the start. Then go running after the stragglers.

Succeeding at Escort Mission

A very common type of mission forces you to escort a civilian through a dangerous area. Enemies are just as happy to attack your guest as they are you, so keeping the civilian alive can be a frustrating ordeal. A few tips to make your job a lot easier:
  • Learn the Heal Life spell as early as possible. If you use it while standing near the person you’re escorting, he will share in the life gain!
  • If you’re in an area where enemies do not return once defeated, always use the Wait command on your guests at the end of one area, then move into the next area, clear out all the enemies, and go back for your guests afterward.
  • If you’re in an area where enemies do return, like the dreaded Hobbe Caves, tell your guest to Wait as soon as you enter the new area, then try to clear out all the enemies in the area. Make sure not to let any enemies slip by you!
  • While escorting someone, do not use certain area-attack spells like Fireball or Force Push, or you may kill the person you’re escorting yourself. Also be very careful while using ranged attacks, since those will hit your guest if he wanders in front of your target. Melee weapons are your best bet for ensuring you do not accidentally hit an ally.

Fable fundamentals - Quests & Combats

In Fable, you can’t become a hero without proving your worth in quests. They’re your primary source of money and renown, and the only way to earn trophies. Quests come in three varieties:

Marked with the yellow symbol, these quests advance the game’s story. Major characters like the Guildmaster and Maze will tell you about them, but you may need to pick them up from the Map Table to begin them formally. Once a required quest is underway, the World Save option will be replaced with the Hero Save option, meaning you can save your stats, but not your progress.

Marked with the blue symbol, these quests usually offer significant rewards, but are not required to beat the game. They are almost always found on the Map Table at the Heroes’ Guild. As with required quests, once an optional quest is underway only Hero Save is available, but if you fail you can usually try again by reselecting the quest from the table.

Quests marked with the orange symbol are usually given to you by characters you meet in towns, or are communicated remotely by the Guildmaster. These quests are optional, and may involve events spread over a wide period of time. They have no formal beginning and many have no real end; they’re always an option for you to pursue when you have spare time. They’re never worth much money or renown, but they often offer material rewards of their own.

Many required and optional quests give you the option of “Take Quest and Boast.” If you choose this, you’ll be transported to the dais at Lookout Point, where a crowd of
onlookers will urge you to select from a list of boasts (if you simply choose “Take Quest,” you can still walk to the dais and take a boast). A boast is basically a wager—you
risk some of your reward money by betting you can not only beat the quest, but that you can do so in an unusually heroic fashion, by fighting bare-handed, for example, or
within a time limit. If you succeed, you’ll receive extra gold. The available boasts vary by quest. Some are related to the story behind the quest, and are painless to take. For example, if you’re a good guy who wouldn’t dream of killing a foe who has surrendered, you can take the Merciful Hero boast for the Arena quest, and be rewarded for behaving the way you would have anyway.
Other boasts, like No Protection and Fist Fighter can be much more challenging.

This boast requires you to complete the quest wearing nothing but your underpants. It’s a good boast to take when you know the mission presents no real threat (say, because it’s an older quest you hadn’t gotten around to taking). Spells like Physical Shield and Heal Life will help keep you alive, if necessary.

Completing a quest without getting hit is a difficult task, and that’s why this boast usually pays so well. Without a Scratch is ideal for short quests, especially if it offers a good opportunity to kill enemies from afar with your bow. Once again, you can get an edge by using the Physical Shield spell to protect yourself.

Completing most quests without using weapons or offensive spells is tough, and usually pretty boring. Take this boast only for quests that don’t require you to do much fighting.

Many quests have boasts for evil characters that merely involve killing a large number of innocents. If you’re playing a truly sadistic hell-spawn of a hero, why not get paid for your devilish ways?